Digital Water Bath Shaker

Digital Water Bath Shaker

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One of the essential equipment of laboratory used to incubate samples under water at constant temperature (hot or cold). The Water bath constant temperature shaker is widely used in experiments of pharmacy, such as germ culture, bioprocess technology, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme and cellular tissue research. It has a wide and important range of applications in research of medicine, biology, diagnostic, pharmacy and environmental research.

  • Features and Benefits

    •   Reciprocating type shaking motion
    •   Fitted with digital temperature controller
    •   Excellent temperature accuracy & uniformity  High grade stainless steel interior
    •   Powder coated exterior cabinet OR epoxy coated SS304  High Density Glass wool Insulation
    •   Reciprocating motion with heavy duty powerful motor
    •   SS304 Spring type platform to accommodate multiple type of vessels  Gable type SS304 Lid
    •   Drain system to easily replace water  Low Noise and vibration
  • Technical Specifications






    Flask Capacity

    25 ml  x 16 nos.

    50 ml  x 12 nos.

    100 ml  x 09 nos.

    250 ml  x 05 nos.

    500 ml  x 04 nos.

    1000 ml  x 02 nos

    25 ml  x 20 nos.

    50 ml  x 16 nos.

    100 ml  x 12 nos.

    250 ml  x 09 nos.

    500 ml  x 06 nos.

    1000 ml  x 04 nos

    Mode of Rotation

    Reciprocating Type

    Shaking length


    Speed of Rotation


    Temperature Range

    Ambient+5 to 99ºC


    LED display for speed and Temperature


    Microprocessor based PID control system for high accuracy


    1500 Watt

    Working Chamber Dimension (WDH)


    280mm x 300mm x 170mm

    300mm x 350mm x 170mm


    220Volt, 50 Hz

    220Volt, 50 Hz