UVPlus Spectrophotometer (Touch Screen)

UVPlus Spectrophotometer (Touch Screen)

Large sample compartment to accommodate various path length cuvettes

  • Features and Benefits

    • Auto wavelength selection and correction based on D2 peaks
    • Individual control over D2 and Visible lamps to extend lifetime
    • Pre-aligned optics allow easy lamp change operation
    • Large sample compartment to accommodate various path length cuvettes
    • Configurable scan wavelength from 0.1nm to 5nm for accurate/faster analysis
    • Analysis applications supports the following modes: Photometric, Quantization,
    • Multi-wavelength, Scan Spectrum, Time scan Kinetics, DNA/Protein analysis
  • Technical Specifications

    Photometric system

    Double beam optics

    Wavelength range

    190 to 1,100 nm

    Lamp interchange wavelength

    Automatic changeover of wavelength with configurable wavelength.

    Photometric range Absorbance


    Light source

    - 4.0 to 4.0 Abs

    Photometric Repeatability

    Halogen lamp and Deuterium lamp.




    <=+/0.0004A bs/h

    Cell Holder

    2 Cell Holder


    430 (W) x 560 (L) x 195 (H) mm

    Output device USB through PC

    Optional –Bluetooth wireless Printer

  • Standard Configuration

    21 Part 11 compliance software

    Glass Cell:      4 Nos

    Quartz Cell:    2 Nos


    Instrument Cover

    USB Cable

    Software Manual       




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