Laboratory Fume Hoods

Laboratory Fume Hoods

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Fume Hood is an enclosure which is used to remove fumes and air borne particles at the contamination source. It is a kind of fume ventilation system which prime work is to remove smoke, dust mist and chemical fumes and restrict their entry into laboratory environment. A laboratory fume hood comprises of metallic sheet enclosure, steel or marble stone work bench, service fixture and electrical points. For fume exhaust, heavy duty blowers are fitted and remotely connected to the duct.


iGene Labserve fume hood systems meet ASHRAE standards and can withstand any type of acid exposure. Standard units are made in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft width with variety of construction options as mentioned below. We also design laboratory fume hoods for Hydrofluoric and Perchloric acids on demand.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Working Chamber: Inner working chamber or area is the most important part of fume hood which remains in direct contact of fumes, acids and different types of chemicals. We make inner chamber walls of stainless steel (304 / 316) which is further coated with FRP layer if needed. The standard sizes of chamber are 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft etc.
    • External Surface: These cabinets are ergonomically designed to provide long service life. Only thick metal sheets and pipes are used in construction so that you may get the finest and safest fume hood. There are three different MOC used.
      • Complete Stainless Steel 304
      • Galvanized Mild Steel Powder Coated
      • Stainless Steel 316
    • Service Valves: As per user requirement, service valves can be customized for wet and dry service i.e raw water, nitrogen gas, air etc.
    • Electrical Utilities: As per user requirement, 2 or 4 or 6 electrical sockets can be fitted with the fume hood 6A/15A connections.
    • Sash: Glass window mechanism with counter balanced weight is used for up and down movement of door. Sash track is a system made of weights and a pulley. Operator can easily move sash up or down and keep at desired height during work.
    • Chemical Storage Cabinet: Ventilated cabinets are provided for chemical storage at the bottom in multiple formats.Lockable wheels are also provided for users on demand.
    • Certifications: Our fume hoods are designed in accordance with required quality certifications such as ASHRAE110 - 1995 and EN-14175- 2003.
  • Technical Specifications

    Inner chamber

    SS 304 / 316/ FRP Coating


    Power coated MS / Stainless Steel / GI

    Work top

    SS 304 / Jet black granite


    Fluorescent tube light


    Centrifugal exhaust blower (direct drive motor)

    Standard fittings

    • Water tap
    • Sink with drainage system
    • Electrical sockets


    • FRP coating on inner walls
    • Air foil
    • Scrubber system
    • Storage cabinet
    • Caster wheels w/ brake
    • Wet & dry service valves
    • Certification (ASHRAE110- 1995 / EN-14175- 2003)
    • Air Flow Monitor
    • Temperature indicator
    • IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Standard Sizes / Dimensions


    2 x 2 x 2

    610 x 610 x 610


    3 x 2 x 2

    914 x 610 x 610


    4 x 2 x 2

    1219 x 610 x 610


    5 x 2 x 2

    1524 x 610 x 610


    6 x 2 x 2

    1829 x 610 x 610