Mini Centrifuge IG-2 7K

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  Quiet and reliable, Small Foot Print,  Built in power Supply , High Quality motors,

  Polycarbonate transparent cover, Optional Battery Backup

  • Technical Specifications

    •   Fixed Speed of 7000 RPM
    •   Fitted with high quality motor with Carbon brushes
    •   Complete body made up of ABS plastic injection moulded
    •   It will be supplied with standard rotor for 6 x 1.5 ml tubes
  • Ordering Information

    IG-27K           Mini Centrifuge 7000 RPM Fixed speed with 6 x 1.5ml rotor

    IG-27KB        Mini Centrifuge 7000 RPM Fixed Speed with 6 x 1.5ml rotor and battery

    OPTIONAL Angle rotor for 12 X 0.5ml Tube is available




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