Gel Documentation System

Gel Documentation System

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IG-618GD Series Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins. It adopts a high resolution and high sensitive scientific CCD-Camera, which enables the instrument to capture utter weak signals under extremely low illumination condition. The automatic controls and the intuitive software we offered can help the researchers to get rid of the complicated operation process and increase the experimental efficiency.

  • Features and Benefits


    • RIM Moulding Polymer: The Environmental friendly reaction injection moulding technique has been used to designed door and front panel.
    • Upgradable optionsEasily upgradable system with any of this hardware module as per applications of researchers
      • UV Transmission, 
      • UV + Blue Light Transmission
      • UV+ Blue + White light transmission
    • Better User Experience: Depending on application, only use Arabic numerals which are easily adjustable as per different application automatically instead of professional parameters of aperture and focus.
    • SMART Transilluminator: Compared with traditional UV Transilluminator, the NON-Lamp design provides excellent uniformity of transmission with reduced background noise
    • Blue and White Light Transilluminator: The magnetic thimble interface realizes free switches between the blue light and white light transmission. The touchable brightness adjustment switch facilitates the observation and recovery.

    Applicable Dyes:

    1. DNA/RNA detectionEthiduimBromideSYBR™ GoldSYBR™ GreenSYBR™ SafeGel Star™Texas RedFluorescein
    2. Protein DetectionCoomassie Brilliant Blue Silver StainingSypro™ RedSypro™ OrangePro-QDiamondDeep Purple


    • High resolution scientific CCD Camera
    • High sensitivity and low noise
    • Ultrafast lens
    • Numerical adjusting focal length and aperture
    • Automatic control module
    • UV protection
  • Technical Specifications




    5.0 Megapixels/D 16bit; pixel density16 bit

    Pixel Size

    2.4µm x 2.4µm


    Motorized F1.2 ultrafast lens

    White light transmission

    LED white light plate;  Sample area 20*32cm

    Epi-white light

    Double white LED

    UV Transmission

    Sample area: 21*26cmWavelength 302nm     (Optional 254nm, 365nm)


    Standard 590nm     Other wavelengths optional

  • Software

    Gel Capture

    • Precise and automatic exposure function
    • Advanced pixel binning technology increases the sensitivity of the systems
    • Automatic access of capture parameters
    • Image rotation, cropping and counter colour options
    • Convenient image navigation and browsing


    • Automatic recognition and numbering of Gel Bands.
    • Calculation of molecular weight of each band.
    • Option of saving the result in xls format.
    • Calculation of optical density for quantitative analysis
    • Optimization of visual effects by wiping background mode.